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After being granted university status in , University of the Arts became the largest institution of its kind in the nation, offering programs in design, fine arts, media arts, crafts, music, dance, theater and writing. I write to you today with an important update regarding our plan for opening this fall. Over the past two weeks, our world has continued to change as the virus proceeds to wreak havoc across the country and the globe. Cases in the U. State and local guidance has changed. Personal and collective responsibility at every level continues to be debated. We too have continually evaluated and re-evaluated our position as an arts university in the heart of a major city, and the role we will play in the pandemic. Though we just released the details of our Fall Opening Plan on July 13, it has become clear there is no way to host a sustained in-person semester that maintains the quality of the educational experience without compromising our values and our number one priority: the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. With this in mind, University of the Arts will begin the academic year with a fully remote fall semester, with all courses beginning Monday, Aug. This decision has not been made lightly.

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Published March 12, Last updated August 24, On top of health concerns, brands across the globe are worrying about how coronavirus COVID will impact ecommerce as a whole. Ecommerce, B2B, B2C, and brick-and-mortar brands alike are all bracing for the impact that coronavirus will have on their business. Note: Keep coming back to this post as updates on coronavirus and ecommerce continuously roll in.

In every edition of our biweekly COVID Compass newsletter, we share updates from various industries on how they are being impacted by the pandemic.

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of The name came from the 13 hours required for the ink to dry on each side of the paper. Computers enabled designers to instantly see the effects of layout or typographic changes, Archived from the original on ​

As we all make our way through this unprecedented crisis as best we can we are forced to get things in perspective. As already announced our physical events clearly can’t happen as they did for the foreseeable future. The New Blood Festival is also obviously under review. But, inasmuch as we are able, we are determined to do the very best for the creative community we have served for the last 58 years. If this was important before it remains important, and will be important again.

Indeed our industry is already demonstrating great creativity and innovation in the face of the virus. And we are exploring new ways of celebrating our Pencil winners with our community, wherever you are. We believe that this years’ emerging talent – which will sadly miss out on many of the customary rites of passage – still deserves to be given its chance to impress and access the industry.

So, with our partners and our universities network, we are exploring new ways to provide that interface and, with our generous sponsors, help a new generation hit the ground running and become productive and successful.

D&AD Statement on COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic reshapes huge swaths of society, the design world is responding by doing what it does best: grabbing our attention with striking images. Illustrators, artists, graphic designers and poster specialists are banding together in improvised coalitions to create public service messages — some inspired by World War I and World War II posters — with new artwork promoting health, fighting bigotry and thanking emergency medical workers.

In an unrelated move, the Seattle-based nonprofit Amplifier has projected messages of appreciation to the medical community on the sides of two hospitals, NYU Langone in New York and Highland Hospital in Oakland, Calif. The artists involved said their participation was part altruism and part therapy. Millman, who hosts the Design Matters podcast.

Pub Date—[94] Contract—VI98A Note—p; For related documents, see graphic artist, finished cloth grader, single double operator, inspection Analyses indicated the program had a strong positive effect on participants’ achievement. The instructor guide consists of eight units: introduction, personal side of.

The COVID emergency will affect the lives of many people around the globe and governments worldwide are taking multifaceted actions to support their citizens, businesses and the provision of vital public services. Among these actions are measures being taken by tax administrations to ease the burdens on taxpayers and to support businesses and individuals with cash flow problems, with difficulties in meeting tax reporting or payment obligations or otherwise facing hardship.

This reference document provides an overview of measures currently being undertaken by a number of tax administrations. Tax administrations may wish to contact their peers for further information on any of the measures outlined in this reference document. The purpose of this document is to assist tax administrations in their own consideration of possible domestic measures.

This document does not make recommendations as regards particular measures as national circumstances and considerations will vary greatly. Not all of the possibilities mentioned in this document will currently be available to all tax administrations and some may need legislative changes. Tax administrations globally are putting in place or considering measures to support taxpayers as a whole or particular classes of taxpayers affected by the COVID outbreak.

Measures for individual taxpayers generally focus on preventing hardship and reducing burdens given the restrictions in place in a number of countries. Measures for businesses, both legal entities and the self-employed, generally focus on helping to alleviate cash-flow problems to help avoid escalating problems such as the laying off workers, temporary inability to pay suppliers and, in the worst cases, closure or bankruptcy.

This document contains examples of measures undertaken by tax administrations globally. The aim is to help administrations in considering domestic measures, and in validating measures taken through comparisons with what other administrations have done. While some of the measures described in this document are within the general powers given to tax administrations, including powers which require special circumstances to be triggered, other measures may require legislative changes.

This will, of course, depend on the circumstances in each country.

What you Should do During the Social Distancing Time

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Andrew Gibson is a photographer and writer. He runs Magical Places Fine Art , an online photography magazine and another great photography resource. More about Andrew Gibson …. Typography is an art just like any other. You have to feel the form, admire the curves and connect with the flow. Letterpress Photoshop Kit affiliate link. This collection of Photoshop textures and actions lets you simulate the old-school letterpress ink print style with just a few clicks.

Neon Light Effect affiliate link. Give your text a realistic neon light look with this Photoshop effect.

Pneumonia Can Be Prevented—Vaccines Can Help

A Michigan Medicine expert describes the science behind the most promising vaccines for the coronavirus pandemic. Our researchers are hard at work to find vaccines and other ways to potentially prevent and treat the disease and need your help. The U. As a result of the combined efforts of thousands of scientists around the world, a list of over potential vaccines has come down to a promising few that are soon entering large clinical trials.

But what are these vaccines and how would they work? Adam Lauring, M.

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Find Out. Egypt has implemented an economic reform program to stabilize the economy and address macroeconomic imbalances through the liberalization of the exchange rate, fiscal consolidation, and energy sector reforms. These measures have helped stimulate growth, generate a solid primary budget surplus, reduce the debt-to-GDP ratio, and replenish foreign reserves.

Energy sector reforms have eliminated severe power shortages whilst incentivizing investments in renewables. This robust performance was sustained throughout the first half of fiscal year , driven mainly by investments and the improving balance of net exports. The Central Bank of Egypt CBE has resumed its monetary easing cycle throughout the first half of fiscal year , thus contributing to a nascent recovery in private credit.

The CBE cut policy rates successively, following a strong moderation in inflation, which dropped to an average of 5. Furthermore, in March , the CBE undertook an additional basis-points policy rates cut, in a surprise move to support credit extension, especially to the private sector, in the face of the negative repercussions of the COVID pandemic.

The budget deficit declined to 8. While the primary surplus continued to increase in early-fiscal year , preliminary data indicate that the revenues-to-GDP ratio decreased, especially from VAT, which reflects weaker private consumption. Exports and FDI are yet to rebound. The poverty rate—based on the national poverty line—increased from Egypt took a number of social safety net measures, including scaling up the existing cash transfer program, Takaful and Karama, adding an additional 60, households in March.

Another , households will be added in the new Fiscal Year.

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